We played the best outdoor match, said defender Zlin Holzer

The best performance on the opponent’s pitch in the autumn of the season, according to defender Daniel Holzer, players Zlin in the match in Brno. The coaches of coach Bohumil Páník succeeded in lowering the score after 20 minutes after eliminating the stopper Ondrej Bachi to score the score and score a 1: 1 draw. In the second half of the season, the guests of the Zbrojovka played very well and could not even make the most chances for a long time.

“Even though we were playing for ten, we did a lot of scoring opportunities, and we wanted three points,” he told reporters after a 22-year-old Holzer. He did not have three points with Zlín, but he still managed a similar lead to his home match against Brno in August when he managed to turn the score and win 2: 1.

“I confess that I did not remember this during the fight today,” said Holzer. “Then we turned the result, we were not far off today,” added Holzer.

According to him, this is because the team is in the weakness. “Today we have increased our performance after changing the sides, we started playing faster from the back, giving the balls to the sides and supplying the attackers with the centered ball in front of the goal, and we were getting into the chances, the defense of our rivals had not been able to defend us so much,” he said.

Zlín also started with six changes compared to the Monday duel with Slovácko. “Their absence was not so obvious, there was a lot of new players before the season, because we have a wide squad for the European League, so other players have got the chance to win, and they have confirmed their qualities,” Holzer said.

After the draw in the autumn, Zlín did not win in the highest competition outdoors and in the table belongs to ninth place. So Holzer is not satisfied with Shevchenko’s balance sheet. “We wanted to get more points from outdoor matches, but at home, with a few exceptions, it was quite a bit,” said a 22-year-old footballer.

Rezka after winning the Dukla was pleased to reach Filla with a goal

Midfielder Jan Rezek helped Teplice to win 2: 0 on the Dukla field with its fifth league goal in the season. Thirty-five-year-old footballer was also pleased to have a competing team mate Martina Filla in the team’s scoreboard, who opened the match for Julisce 16th round.

“I am, of course, very glad to get him in. He is very competitive, when I had four and he compared me, he reminded me so much, so I’m glad to be Betclic online football betting able to remind him today,” he told reporters with a smile to Rezek , but he was not sure whether Fillo had six goals in the highest competition.

Teplička for the first time in the league season won out of their stadium and in the incomplete table jumped to sixth place. “We are glad to have won here because we said it was not possible to win the whole of the fall,” said Rezek. “If we brought more points from the rivals’ pitches, we would be better off in the table, but we know that the mancakes around us are strong, with the 23 points we can be happy with,” added the former representative.

The second goal of Teplice scored in the 48th minute, when he was in a good position burning a bit happily with goalkeeper Filip Radu. “I had two classic ideas: first I thought I would put it on the back, at the last Unibet free online betting minute I changed my mind, and finally I hit it with a heel, but the batman did not go there,” he told Rezek.

After a foul, the home defeat Ondřej Kušnír received his second yellow card. “I think it was a futile foul, I was back to the gate and gripped at the back of my ankle, it was unnecessary and stupid, but it happened,” Rezek said.

Stöger is no longer a Cologne coach

Cologne in yesterday’s league match was tied to Schalke, not winning the fourteenth consecutive league match, and then the anticipated impulse arrives. Leadership with coach Peter Stöger has agreed to end the co-operation …

The 95-year-old helmsman came to the Lower Rhine team more than four years ago and immediately managed to move Cologne to the top floor of German football.

There, Kozli was able to settle down and even progressively improved when the prominent peak reached the fifth place at the end of the season, which also led to EL.

This year, however, the 1 st FCK fails when he has only three points on his account after fourteen matches and is home to the bottom of the table, losing eight points in the seventeenth Bremen.

This was, as expected, the position of coach Peter Stöger, who agreed with the club management to end the co-operation. “It was clear before the Schalke match that it would be our last match, but we did everything,” Stöger said, whose position for the fall of the autumn was taken by coach Stefan Ruthenbeck, the oldest youth team.

The interim strategist has three league games to improve, plus the DFB-Pokal, and in particular the fight for the European League, where Cologne is second.

It’s frustrating to do nothing after such a performance, Wenger said

Due to the unsuccessful start of the Saturday match with Manchester United (1: 3), Arsenal came to coach Arsena Wenger for a chance to extend the home winning series to 13 Premier League matches. Emirates’ cannibals did not win for the first time since the 2: 2 draw with Manchester City on April 2, they were defeated even after ten months.

United went into the lead in the fourth minute, when Koscielny scored only Antonio Valenci, who pulled the ball with Pogba and then headed between Petra Čecha’s legs. Seven minutes later, Josh Mourinha’s fighters led two goals after Mustafi lost the ball and Jesse Lingard finished with a fine combination.

“We did not start well with the defensive.” 0: 2 was a big blow for the psyche, especially on the home ground, “Wenger said in a direct confrontation with Mourinh in just two of 19 matches.

“We have played well, but nothing is more frustrating than performing such a good performance and not getting anything out of it.” The player’s access was impeccable until the end of the game, but you can not make mistakes like we did at the beginning, “regretted the 48-year-old coach.

Arsenal pushed the enemy’s start and scored a statistically duel. On the bullets he won 33: 8, directly on the goal he went in 15 cases. The ball held for three quarters of the playing time, and there were also 12 corner kicks available.

However, Alexander Lacazett’s only goal was to score in the 49th minute, but a quarter of an hour later he reacted to the second goal of the Lingard. “Cannonists” did not help even the power they had available from the 74th minute after the insulting action of Paul Pogby on the home defender Héctor Bellerin.

Arsenal FC – 1. FC Köln 3:1

Arsenal’s Premier League lost an unexpected delay, as the Emirates Stadium was visited by twenty thousand Cologne supporters, and the London club, therefore, had moved the opening kick for an hour, due to the overloaded situation at the stadium. The players of the home team took another forty-five minutes to complete the match, yet it was enough for them to win. At the opening goal of the visiting Córdoba, the Cannonists were able to respond to the interventions of Collains, Sánchez and Bellerin after the change of sides.

While a number of home supporters have been discouraged with a belated start, and in many sectors empty seats, Cologne fans have been in the auditorium in abundant numbers, and especially could have been heard since the tenth minute when guests took the lead. It all started with a kick in defense of Arsenal, which David Ospin managed to counsel, but Arsenal goalie shot only a few yards ahead of him, which was swiftly used by Ospin’s compatriot Jhon Cordoba and shoved a good shot of Colombian goalie.

Arsenal has literally shaken the first half, a number of changes in the basic set and a lack of self-confidence after the goal was a hundred hunks from the Cannons. Cologne without much difficulty resisted the successive attacks of the paper favorite and keeper Timo Horn had to liquidate only a few unsigned heads of Olivier Giroud. In a few cases, on the other hand, the guests did not have much to gain, and the half-time score of 1: 0 was even more enjoyable for Arsenal.

In the second half, manager Arsene Wenger decided to change the defeat and, with the arrival of the left stick, Sead Kolašinace instead of Rob Holding, Arsenal crossed the system with four defenders. And it was just a Bosnian representative who settled in just four minutes after taking up the pitch when a hard blow from the Walcott center blocked everything he had in his way.

After an hour of play, Ainsley Maitland-Niles had a great opportunity to finish the turn, but after a pleasant match with Iwobi and Giroud he was in a separate spell, but instead of finishing, he chose the loop with which Timo Horn counseled. But in the 70th minute, goalie Cologne was only collected when Alexis Sánchez took the ball to the left, putting the ball into the middle of the field and a beautiful blow to the far stick.

Eight minutes before the end, the improved home performance was crowned by Héctor Bellerín’s third goal. The Spanish defender arrived in Walcott’s net after a good job of a duo of previous shooters, Colchinace and Sánchez. Arsenal defeated Cologne 3: 1 in spite of a poor performance from the first half of the season and can head Chelsea in the Sunday City Chess derby.

FCSB – Viktoria Plzeň 3:0

Pilsen players entered the basic group G of the European League with a loss of 0: 3 on the FCSB football field in Bucharest. In the first half scored two goals Constantin Budescu, who opened a score from the contested penalty. After a break, Denis Alibec raised. Another match in the Unibet competition will be played by Viktoria in two weeks at home against Hapoel Beer Sheva. Israeli team today beat 2: 1 Lugano.

West Bohemian former Steaua Bucharest did not return the 1: 4 recent home defeat, after which they dropped in the 3rd Prelude of the Champions League and did not win in the seventh cup match Unibet against Romanian rivals.

For the first time in the season, the striker Řezníček was given a chance in the basic set of Pilsen, who represented the disciplined punished Krmenčík. In the gate, Hruska caught Kozacka.

Pilsen scored a shot at the second minute in the second minute, but Hájková’s header from the corner goalkeeper Nitovi was not very worried. In the 19th minute he was much closer to the head of goal Petrzela, but after Hrošovský Unibet scoring he beat the bar.

Two minutes later, they got home. Hájek in the penalty area slipped the ball first to Budesco’s ball, but the referee ordered a severe penalty FCSB midfielder turned safely.

The guests made great problems with the ball for defense. At 35th minute, Hruška scored against Alibeca’s separate exit and a Unibet bonus moment later, Coman failed after another defeat.

The Pilsen minutes were collected a second before the pause. Alibec was able to find a buzzing Budesc with a precise treadmill, and he elegantly embraced Pear. His counterpart Nita then pulled over the wound of Zivulice.

The second half started with an inaccurate shot by Benzar, Limbersky also missed the goal. Victory was hard to get home to sixteen. The only exception Unibet was the penetration of Petržely, which ended with an inaccurate final pass.

The Bucharest team controlled the game and in the 72th minute hit the third time when Alibec’s direct kick kicked Kopic in the wall unfortunately flowing into his own goal. Pilsen did not win in the European Cups for the eleventh time.

Hapoel Beer-Sheva – FC Lugano 2:1

Israeli club Hapoel Beer-Sheva confirmed the role of a favorite against Lugano in Switzerland and thus gained three important points in the home world and managed to beat his opponent after a 2-1 win. He had a great lead in the match, led from the second minute and did not change the penalty kick. This duel was also interesting for the Czech fan, as the countryman Tomáš Pekhart played 66 minutes and it was he who did not use the penalty offered.

The guests were a worse team from the very beginning, and they did not move for 120 seconds and they had to pull the manko. Dan Einbinder scored the lead of Haplo, who after a great job of Melikson on the right wing and then cleverly fired from the border of the goal area from a slight angle and shot exactly the space at the far stick. FC was the first to report in the 10th minute, when Mariani fired hard and scuffed the gloves of Haimov goalie.

After a subsequent counterattack, Golemic played his own sixteen hands and French referee Chapron ordered a penalty kick. Pekhart has already stood up against him, and Costa did not score on goalie goalkeeper Lugano brilliantly set the ball to the side with his teammates. After less than half an hour of play, he could punish Gerndt’s hesitation, but on the left side of the sixteen, he was walking a few decimetres beside the space of three poles.

In the course of the game, both selections hardened and the pace of the game still fell, the home set in the 60th minute. Melikson had a spectacular penetration and at age six he visibly pushed Golemic to the ground. He saw the yellow card and Hapoel kicked the second penalty. Shir Tzedek put the ball into the lead and did not hesitate, heading just in the middle of the goal. Da Costa pulled a real crowd pleaser as he, after 11 minutes, had a free kick.

Lugano dramatized the Thursday duel seven minutes later. For the second time in the game Tzedek broke into the game, but in this case it was his own goal. Bozemani’s ground-based center, sliding Tzedek, tried to turn away to safety, but the flight path of the ball changed so badly that Haimov was not able to react. FC has not managed to score in the remaining minutes, so the home team managed to keep their lead until the final whistle.

Playing the Great Football: Tips and Strategies

There is a lot of fun when it comes to football, but you also need to learn the necessary skills to play. To learn more about this, continue reading. You can just learn a few things to become a better player on the pitch.

Make sure you constantly switch the ball back and forth in the game. Just press the pressure by switching the ball to one side of the field. This gives you the chance to find open areas on the field and increase the space available for the plan. It draws another team on one side of the field, while it quickly shifts the ball to the other side when it hits you.


Remember that you play a role in the team whether you are a natural player or not. Some just do things in the field. If you do not have this talent, you can act as support for those who have different skills than you. Find out what your role is and play your strengths.

Try to establish strategies with your teammates. They should know when you are going to go the ball so they can hurry to the right place to catch it. If you do the same moves, turn them on to confuse your opponents.

To prepare for the ball game when the season comes, in the off-season you should increase your endurance by running far into the distance. Football players generally run from 6 to 8 miles in football. Long distance training will help increase endurance and improve your football game when you do not have to do much breaks.

Keep an eye on both ends of the field, even if you are inside. Be prepared to bounce the ball from the player at one end and immediately move it to the other. You need to know where your opponents and fans are throughout the game.

When it comes to learning penalties, practice makes it perfect. Practice one kind of kick until it becomes second nature and then move on to the next type of kick and practice it until it becomes second nature. Continue to practice different kicking styles until you have completed at least 6 kicks that you can use while kicking.

Although trust is important, uncertainty is bad and will hurt your game. Although it may be that you are a great game, sometimes you can slip. Other players will easily throw you away if you do not expect them to challenge you.

You should make sure that you are constantly practicing your dribbling skills. Football dribbling is a fundamental principle in football, as basketball dribbling is a basic element in basketball. Therefore, you should always dribble football at any time. Keep your neighborhood, the yard or your home, exchanging your feet every time.

Football is the most popular sport in the world if every country counts. So you have a lot of competition if you want to be next great. Regardless of whether you play with friends, fighting school, whether you want to play professionally, practice and learn more.

Work together with this dazzling football product to work on

If you are a good football player and do not like to do it then you will need to train a lot. Do I ever wonder when professional artists remember the honorable teachings of their salvation? Train through the whole day! So if you are wondering about promotion in footwear, take your skin and open the production! Continue ahead also find out the mass of remarks that will make you a nicer football player.


Which of the significant football training materials is a proper collective exchange? Transmitting with your song is inevitable to enter another world. You need full to exist in defending carry, who wanders where unexpectedly and effectively, and you need to tell them when you want the ball to be able to offer them support.

Part of the ball, which kick, has a great place in the foot ball. If you pass too far on the ball, the same will not go very high. With the same card, digging the bottom of the ball will make it especially in the air. It is perfect to allocate halfway.

To be a good football player you have to grow up dribbling. To dribble appropriately, have the intelligence to dig to see what you are working on, but keep your eyes on the enemy. Hold the ball at full odds for the season. So, consume at the foot and seem to wear the ball.

Also pale as well as slender transports are significant in the apartment balls away from friends. As you rise to the object, short passes can exist existing in the acquisition of skin to the company that exists in the ideal book. Long deliverables can be worth as many phenomena as practiced on one wall to keep control of the ball.

When playing football, move the ball more than the meat. Apparently the last offload in power folding. If you run regularly at the venue, you’ll be finished with music. Remember, however, the skin is coming out sooner than you. You eat more wisely than you move. Gather energy when you have to work.

You should try to take a disadvantage in the new stage before you even get the ball. If you think the football player is an idea to pass the ball, you will quickly appreciate your case. Try to find the original player who knows how to send your skin and also take note of the area where you are sued.

Football is a team effort, and it is up to you to cooperate with the set so that I can act like a lonely company instead of individual players. If the guest is open, pass the ball. Therefore, the acquisition can take into account to damage the complex and significantly loss of liquidity. The most excellent means of gaining fun are consolidation in the ward.

As mentioned in the above article, if you are planning to have an effect on the foot skin, you must learn to teach! Just football, and these popular tips that you have also trained here, you can learn the game of football. The strongest policies on all worlds beat this class every day, and thanks to the relationships here they can be walked just as they are!


How much do you love playing football? Or are you dreaming to know more so that you can have any of the beautiful ones? Whatever your current use for the party or trying to be a star, you have the fury of a dream to live a better life. Read a lot to find out how you can do it.

If you are looking for cleats, you need to catch the ones that answer correctly. It should be cozy to smoothly support the arches. Do not carry wheels that filter the movement of the ankles. Be careful because the black belt can undermine the user.


Remember to buy a lot of protective gear if you are playing with the foot. Thick socks then a successful investment as they protect against spasms and bumps. The Shin guards are a good buyer and you should never walk a ball free of them. They help you with the injuries provided by kicks and crises.

Do not suggest that because you gave up the ball, you can not relieve the attraction. Run the background also find a job where you can offer help. The sphere will return when you are undoubtedly experienced in the correct job.

Communication is a prime message with a fun in the foot. If you are going to make a decisive step, it is up to you to make policy out of this mechanism. Since you do not want to make a noise, give the signal that you can transfer to our crews from the crew.


Do not leave the practice. Try to bring football with you when you go somewhere and inside all together you create slightly unlimited time, you can repeat some exercises. In addition, you can regulate the ball on the planet and hit the countryside as you move from belt to belt.

Some of the work that you should mostly avoid while visiting the branch is the hog. As you keep up the pace, it’s less likely that your teammates will make it easier for you to keep your skin in perspective. With a series of instructors that connect you to the bench most of the time.

As soccer is consuming a variety of work, it should be possible to stimulate the cardiovascular seminars. You need to exist in the full order so that you can cross your opponents. You should also make sure that your feet are doing well so that you can go straight ahead and strike the ball harder. Use complex tasks such as squats, lungs and the press to work the mass of the leg muscles.

Confirm that you juggle the ball often so that I can improve our ball skills. The exercise of football needs quick accuracy, and the whole tone for reform in the present tense is the task of regularity. Also be sure to complement other predispositions when juggling, such as Passing, killing, and trapping. On the model, juggle the ball, and soon weigh to the ball, not letting the ball touch the ground.

Now that you know the data that survived discussed here, you are killed to persevere to that stage of volatility in football. Sum what you need to cause, so think about the practical rules to find out how analysis and attachment can raise your troubles. Make sure you do not forget to learn completely.